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  • What is a patent?

    A patent is when the State grants an exclusive right to an inventor for his invention (in the field of technology), for a certain period of time, so that he/she can carry out their own discovery or to give their consent to others to exercise it.

  • Why should you patent your invention?

    Patenting allows you to stop others from manufacturing, selling, or using your invention. It gives you exclusive rights to generate income from your invention.

    With a patent, You also have the option to license your invention to other parties, if you choose.

    By providing the incentive of holding exclusive commercial rights to new product and technology, patenting supports innovation in promoting the development of these products.

  • What are the requirements to obtain a patent?

    To be able to obtain a patent, an invention must meet the following substantive requirements:

    • Can be applied in industry

      An invention must be repeatable by unchanging and constant functions.

    • Contains inventive steps

      A patent will only be granted for unexpected and unexplained invention for a person skilled in the art.

    • New

      An invention must be new, and not be disclosed or published in any media before a patent application is filed.

  • When can your invention NOT be patented?

    An invention cannot be patented if:

    • It’s in the form of treatment, methods of examination, treatment and/or surgery performed on animals and/or humans;
    • Its use / execution / announcement is in contrary to prevailing religious morality, laws and regulations, public morals or order;
    • If what is patented is a living thing (except microorganisms) as well as biological processes for producing plants or animals (except for non-biological processes or microbiological processes);
    • It is a theory and method in the field of science and mathematics.
  • How long will it take to register your patent?

    Applying for a patent through Plato is a simple 3 step process and takes minutes to start!

    Step 1 ​- After you submit an online application, our patent experts will review it. They'll then give you an indication of registrability within 10 working days.

    Step 2 ​- Your application is submitted to the government for review. This process is standard for all Indonesian patent applications and usually takes about 3 to 6 years.

    Step 3 ​- Once officially registered you will receive a registration certificate and your patent is then registered to you for 10 to 20 years. That is, if the annual fee is paid. If not, the patent ceases.

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