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  • What is a trademark?

    A trademark is like a “symbol” that's used to distinguish your business's products or services from those of your competition. Registering a trademark gives you exclusive rights to use your “symbol”, which could be anything from a word, phrase, number, shape, scent, letter, picture, colour, logo, or any combination of those things.

    As an easily recognizable example, Google’s iconic “G” logo is trademarked to distinguish the Google brand.

  • Why should I register a trademark?

    • Registering a trademark gives you legal protection

      You receive exclusive rights to use the unique “symbol” you've trademarked to your business. If anyone infringes on that right by using the “sign” without your approval, this means you're able to take legal action against them:

      • To protect your unique brand and the goodwill associated with it.
      • To prevent competitors of your business from claiming the rights to your business name, logo, or slogan.
      • To stop competitors from using or misappropriating not only your very same business name or logo, but also anything that's confusingly similar to your business name and logo.
      • To protect your rights as a business owner so that no other competitor can diminish or dilute the quality of your products or services.

      Having the exclusive right to use a “symbol” also means that you're able to license the right to someone else, should you choose to do so.

      For example, if you trademarked a certain shape, and are approached by another company for the use of that shape, you can license them the right to use it, at a fee.

      Further, by registering for a trademark, you ensure that the use of that “symbol” does not infringe on anyone’s rights. This prevents any potential legal consequences from affecting you, even though you may have good intentions.

    • Registering a trademark can be a strong marketing tool for your business

      • Registering a trademark for your business isn't just legal protection! It can also be a strong marketing tool which you can use to distinguish your services from the rest of the market.
      • Having a trademark allows you to powerfully communicate your brand to your target market. By associating your business with a particular “symbol”, you will become instantly recognisable.
      • Your business is unique in a way that sets you apart from the rest. As your reputation grows, your brand grows. So, without a registered trademark,one of your competitors could potentially ride the wave of your success and steal market share by imitating you. A registered trademark will protect the differentiating factor of your business, whether that is the quality of your service, the efficiency of your team, or the innovation of your offering (or anything else!).
    • With Plato, registering your trademark is quick and easy

      Our easy-to-use trademark process allows you to obtain an invaluable asset for your business without any added stress.

  • How long will it take to register my trademark?

    Applying for a trademark through Plato is a simple 3 step process and can be started in minutes!

    Step 1 ​- After you submit an online application, one of our trademark experts will review it. They'll then give you an indication of registrability within 10 working days.

    Step 2 ​- Your application is submitted to the government for review. This process is standard for all Indonesian trademark applications and usually takes about 2 years.

    Step 3 ​- Once officially registered you will receive a registration certificate and your trademark is then registered to you for 10 years.

  • What information do you need me to provide to complete my trademark application?

    Before you go through your application process you'll first need:

    • The "symbol" or logo you would like to trademark

      You should ensure that the logo you wish to trademark is suitable for use. It must be unique so that it can differentiate your goods or services from competitors, or it could be rejected.

    • The products and services for your trademark

      You must specify the products and services that your trademark is or will be used for. e.g gloves. There is no​ limit to the number of goods and services or classes that you can select.

    • Applicant’s details:

      • Applicant’s ID card or company constitution documents and approvals.
      • Applicant’s name and contact details.
      • Applicant’s address.
      • Authorised person for the trademark.
      • Authorised person’s email address.
      • Authorised person’s telephone number.

    For more information on what is required, please call us to discuss, or simple ask via live chat on our website.

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